Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our sixth French Night

        Our latest French night at the Cornelia Street Cafe was dedicated to theater with a play by Hervé Blutsch, named GZION, and translated by Sophia Tejeiro, a Masters student in translation at NYU

The readers were
       In English - Manoah Finston (Captain York), Tristan Jean (Sergeant Ptol) and Myron Mac Shane (Lieutenant Turt)- who are all in the doctoral program in French literature at NYU
   In French - Marie-Hélène Brabant(Captain York), Nathalie Bryant (Sergeant Ptol) - actresses, and Isabelle Milkoff (Lieutenant Turt), a French teacher at the LFNY

       Edouard Signolet, a French director, came especially for the event and directed them.

Gzion is a cosmic drama that tells the story of three men, the CaptainYork, the Lieutenant Turt and the Sergeant Ptol : "For nearly twelve years, their Gzion vessel drift in space and take them to an inevitable... death"

 Waiting for the reading to start...
 and making sure everything is OK and everyone is there.

Isabelle Milkoff is introducing the play and the readers, who are listening and can be proud to have among them a specialist of Admiral Brop poetry. 

"Admiral Brop ? You mean The Admiral Brop, Captain ? "

Let's get started, guys

"When I turned around, it had disappeared. I repeat when I turned around it had disappeared. Do you hear me, control tower... ?"

"Walking is the key Captain, and that's the truth of it !"

 "Plan the picnic, Sergeant, I love smoked salmon."

"That's a good idea, captain !"

"That's a very good idea"

 "Objection Captain ! We are lost in space nowhere near any forest, we have absolutely no idea as to where we are..."

"... our supply of fuel is practically empty, our rations of water are going to diminish, ..."

"We have only three bottles of red wine, one bottle of whiskey and a very meager supply of oxygen..."

 "Can I know, Sergeant  Ptol, what this getup means ?"

 "Turt, you see what I'm seeing ; Ptol is dressed up like a bear"

"I am not dressed like a bear"

 "The shortest jokes are the best"

"What do you propose Lieutenant ?"

" A bear hunt Captain"

"It's a very good idea. Plan the lunch Lieutenant, I love smoked salmon"

"I am not dressed like a bear"

"Cadet Naxe : According to the medcial examiner, they were dead some hours before running aground, Admiral
Admiral Brop : Have the bodies brought back and meet me at the base"

Sergeant Ptol, definitely dressed like a bear, in a discovery mission

We hope you enjoyed it and that you will join us for more Cornelia Street Cafe French Nights next year
Have a nice and lovely summer

The Cornelia Street Cafe French Nights are supported by the cultural services of the French Embassy in New York

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