Friday, March 22, 2013

The 10th French night 4/17

Here we are again.
We are in spring, and our tenth French night is coming pretty soon with three new novels in which 
the Butcher, the Baker and the Psychoanalyst have a part to play.

 We will read excerpts

Comme une bête/Like a beast by Joy Sorman, Gallimard, 2012

In this novel, Joy Sorman tells the story of Pim,  a young butcher, who loves animals but in a very special way. He becomes a butcher and, for the sake of the animals, he dedicates his life to be the perfect butcher.

Tous les diamants du ciel/In the sky with diamonds by Claro, Actes Sud, 2012

This is the story of Antoine Rossignol, a  young baker in Pont-Saint-Esprit, a small city in southern France. While preparing the morning bread, he eats a piece of  it and realizes the bread is "cursed, which means it has been made with infected grain with a hallucinogenic fungus. He discovers a new world where the real and the improbable are closely linked....

Viviane Elisabeth Fauville by Julia Deck, Minuit, 2012.

In this book, you are Viviane Elisabeth Fauville. You are forty-two years old, you have one child, you have been left by your husband and you have done something you should not have done and which involves your psychoanalyst, but you're going to get it back under control.
 Julia Deck, fifty years after Michel Butor, makes you live her character's life directly as if you were her.

We are waiting for you for this new French Night. 
Come and join us at the Cornelia Street Cafe
April 17th at 6 pm
28 Cornelia Street, New York, 
W 4th on the E, A, 1, 2, 3.

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