Sunday, September 15, 2013

Eric Chevillard for our 11th French night on 10/17

We are back !

The summer was great and we are thrilled to come back for a new French night, on October the 17th.

We will be hosting Eric Chevillard's novels. Eric Chevillard  is published by Editions de Minuit and belongs to the kind of writers this publishing house most likes : his style is extremely precise and rich.  He tells stories with a distant irony that encompasses not only the content but also the genre. He is one of the most prolific novelists of his generation, publishing almost a book every year since 1987.
He also has a blog since 2007 where he writes three sentences every day.

We will read excerpts of three of his books.

Our first reading is taken from Prehistoric times, written in 1994 and translated by Alison Waters.  She won the French-American Foundation Transaltion Price in 2013.

After Boborikine's death, the narrator of this novel takes over Boborikine's job as a guide in the prehistoric cave of Pales. He also has to put on Boborikine's uniform. But something goes wrong...

We will also read from The posthumous works of Thomas Pilaster, written in 1999 and translated by Chris Clarke for his Masters thesis in 2012

 The poet Marc-Antoine Marson celebrates the works of his friend, Thomas Pilaster, by publishing and commenting on them. His highly admirative comments at the beginning of the book become more and more critical...

Finally we will read the short story "Bunny" in the collection published under the title Scalps by Fata Morgana in 2004. This short story is translated by Emmanuelle Ertel's students in the Masters of Literary Translation program at New York University.

Commenting on our taste for tacky car accessories, the narrator introduces a car where a seat cover of a bunny decorates the diver's seat....

Funny and cruel at the same time, the narrator is both efficient and distant.  Eric Chevillard is one of the most exciting and challenging French writers of our time.

Join us for an outstanding new French night
at the Cornelia Street Cafe
Cornelia Street 29, NY
W 4 on the E, A, C