Sunday, November 22, 2015

The "Rentrée littéraire"

The "show" must go on.
Especially after the Paris events.
We will be back at the Cornelia Street Cafe on Wednesday 12/2  at 6pm sharp
with a very French program dedicated to the "Rentrée littéraire"
this special moment in September 
when editors publish hundreds of novels 
they think are going to pop to the top of the charts.  

And they are right !

We will read 

One excerpt from 

One excerpt from 

and one excerpt from

As well as excerpts from


None of these very new titles have been translated yet, 

but Emmanuelle Ertel's NYU students 
will translate the excerpts we picked
and we will perform a bilingual reading as usual of those excerpts.

Come and join us for this celebration of very recent French contemporary novels.
It will be our last evening, we definitely need you 
and we thank you all for your long and faithful support
See below pictures from our former evening.

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  1. My group of friends enjoys eating and trying lesser known beers, or the amazing cocktails all the time. This is one of the best Chicago event venues I know with the most perfect environment. It has become my favorite venue over the last year.