Tuesday, November 15, 2011

French Night 4

Our next French Night will take place as usual
at the Cornelia Street Café on December 7 at 6 pm.

An excerpt from Antoine Bello’s last novel (Gallimard, 2010), The Disapperance of Emilie Brunet, will be read in French by the author himself who has lived in New York for many years.
This novel is a tribute to Agatha Christie: a former detective who lost his memory is investigating the disappearance of a woman, Emilie Brunet, whose husband also suffers from amnesia. Every night the detective writes what he finds during his investigation in order to remind himself. Every day he rereads what he wrote …

Jerome Ferrari's last novel (Actes Sud, 2010), Where I left my soul, takes place in Algeria during the independence war. It deeply and genuinely examines the way French officers were led to torture their enemies.

Veronique Ovalde’s novel (Actes Sud, 2005), Kick out the animal, is the story of a young girl who will be forced to leave her dream world after her mother disappears.

Come and join us for an amazing moment with recent French Literature

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