Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fourth French Night 12/7

On Wednesday the 7th of december, our fourth French night took place at the Cornelia Street Café.
Excerpts of three French novels were read.

A chapter of the first novel, Enquête sur la disparition d'Emilie Brunet, was translated into English  by Berangère Callens  and read by Jade Robertson-Fusco, 
and a second one was read in French by the author himself, Antoine Bello.
Antoine Bello is a French novelist, he was born in Boston and lives in New York. This last novel is his fifth one. The two former ones Les falsificateurs (2007) and Les Eclaireurs (2009) form a two-book series.

Two chapters of Deloger l'animal by Veronique Ovaldé, translated by Adriana Hunter and published as Kick the animal out, in 2007 by MacAdam/Cage, were read alternatively, in English by Christina Toth, and in French by Charlotte Foucaud. 
Deloger l'animal is Véronique Ovaldé's fourth novel and was originally published in French by Actes Sud in 2005.

The third novel to be read was Où j'ai laissé mon âme by Jerôme Ferrari, Actes Sud, 2010.  Part of a chapter was translated into English by Emmanuel Ertel's MA students at NYU and read by Tom Radigan. The second part of the chapter was read in French by Frédéric Yvelin.

Waiting for the reading to start

Emmanuelle Ertel introduces the first reading

Jade Robertson-Fusco is the first one to start.

She is a senior at NYU's Gallatin school

Then Antoine Bello starts his reading

 It's Christina Toth and Charlotte Foucaud's turn

  Christina Toth comes from Montreal and studies acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York. She is reading at the Cornelia French nights for the second time.

Charlotte Foucaud comes from France
 She teaches French at the Lycee Français of New York

The last excerpt is read by Tom Radigan and Frédéric Yvelin

Tom Radigan lives in New York and teaches French at Friends Seminary.
He is also reading for the second time.

Frédéric Yvelin comes from France and teaches Science and Theater at the LFNY

Emmanuel Ertel's MA students
They did a great job translating an excerpt of Jerome Ferrari's novel.

The French nights at the Cornelia Street Café have the support of the cultural services of the French Embassy

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