Saturday, December 8, 2012

11/29 8th French Night

Our 8th French night went on, on Thursday 11/29, 
led by Emmanuelle Ertel

         for a very thrilled audience

The reading started with JohannVoulot and Sabrina Reich-Kabos 
reading excerpts of 
Que font les rennes après Noël? /  What do reindeer do after Christmas ? 
by Olivia Rosenthal and translated by Sabrina Reich-Kabos

The place is full and people are enjoying the moment
while reading by candle light

Then, Catherine Dop-Miller and Tom Radigan read excerpts of Je ne suis pas un héros/I Am Not a Hero by Pierre Autin-Grenier translated into English by Alyson Waters

A very good reading for a very attentive audience

And, last but not least, excerpts from the just released Une partie de chasse/Hunting game by Agnès Desarthe are read by Emmanuelle Ertel, Patrick Stancil and Margaret Yang, two of Emmanuelle's students who translated the text in her translation master class at NYU

This 8th French night was a success and we are looking forward to having more.
Enjoy the holidays
See you all in 2013

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