Sunday, January 13, 2013

We are back - Our 9th French Night

Thanks to our faithful audience, we are coming back for a new French night 
It will take place on 2/5/13 at our beloved Cornelia Street Cafe 
from 6 to 8 pm

It will be the 9th one since we started organizing these evenings and this new event will introduce a young and successful French actress and theater writer, Leonore Confino.

Excerpts from her play Building will be read in both languages by French and American actors living and performing in New York. The text has been translated in English, by Nathalie Bryant and looked over by Ann Warren.
The reading will be directed by Alexandre Oppecini, a young French director, who has come to New York to stage the play.

In Building, you will probably recognize something you have experienced as the author targets how companies in modern society pressure their employees.   The neurotic behavior and daily cowardice of the employees of the company - Consulting Conseil -  from the receptionist at the bottom to the CEO at the top - intensify and finally explode into delirium.

The play written in 2009 is Leonore Confino's third. It received the  "Grand Prix du Théâtre 2011" in France  and was staged by Catherine Schaub in Paris in 2011 and 2012.  It will be shown at the Avignon Theater Festival this July.

Come and join us for this satirical look at business at the Cornelia Street Cafe,
Greenwich Village, 28 Cornelia Street, West 4th on the A, C, E, F

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