Friday, March 21, 2014

4/14/14 - Play time.

As is our tradition when flowers bloom, our next French night is dedicated to theater.
We are welcoming one of the most hilarious and cruel contemporary playwrights.

Herve Blutsch

He likes cruel situations and has invented new genre of plays. In Gziona « space drama » and the first play we read in May 2012, at The Cornelia Street Cafe, he put together three main characters in a spaceshipGzion, somewhere in the outer space. As they don't have any chance to survive, they become so delusional until one of them suddenly appears dressed as a bear. Then the comical farce changes into a cruel tragedy. 

Anatole Felde, the short play we are going to read on 4/14/14,
 has the same farcical and tragic feeling. 

It's a short play, as a short story in an artistic compression of a novel.  As Gzion was a "drame spacial" ("a play about outer space"), Anatole Felde is a "drame bural" which is a theatrical version of the office of cruelty.
The story takes place in an office with three characters. They share the same office. One of them is so tired that he is about to quit and leave not only the office, but life in general. His colleagues realize very quickly that he is much more interesting dead than alive.

The play was published in a collection of short plays by the Editions Théâtrales in 2010.
Hervé Blutsch is also an author supported by Theatre Ouvert in Paris, a theater dedicated to contemporary French theater.

Please come and join us for a comical yet cruel night, laughter at the sharp edge of satire.
at Cornelia Street Cafe
Cornelia Street 28
NYC, 10021

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