Sunday, May 18, 2014


Our latest French night at the Cornelia was dedicated 
to a French playwright that we love : 
Hervé Blutsch.

We read a short play, called Anatole Felde, which Hervé Blutsch wrote in 2001, and also named "drame bural", a minor office drama, creating a kind of a new "genre" !

The readers were, from right to left,

Nathalie Bryant, John Galbraith Simmons, Philippe Aufort, Tom Radigan, Isabelle Milkoff and David Kalal and Emmanuelle Ertel read the stage directions

The story takes place in an office with three characters. They share the same office. One of them is so tired that he is about to quit and leave not only the office, but life in general. His colleagues realize very quickly that he is much more interesting dead than alive.

If you missed it, or if you just want to listen to it again, you can enjoy it through this video below

Hopefully, we'll see you in the fall for more enjoyable French Literature nights at the Cornelia.

Have a great summer

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