Monday, September 8, 2014

9/25/14 - Back to Cornelia

September is the Back to - school/yoga/ swimming/diet/whatever you want month !
It is also the Back to the Cornelia French Nights month !

Come and join us on the 25th of September 
at the Cornelia Street Cafe 
at 6 pm 
for a new French Literature moment dedicated to Titles.

Writing begins or ends with the good title,
the one which is going to give the tone of the book.
French writers are often paying a lot of attention to their titles 
and one can feel the good vibes to the book through them.

That's exactly what happened to us with the three books
we picked to start the season. 
They made us laugh and excited our curiosity. 
We hope you'll be craving to come hear excerpts of them :

The Extraodinary Journey of the Fakir who got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe 
by Romain Puertolas, 
published in 2013 (Le Dilettante) 
and translated into English
in July 2014 (Random House publishers)

A fakir goes to Ikea to find a brand new bed of nails. 
He has a fake 100-euro note in his pocket. 
He won't find what he is looking for 
but will be trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe 
and embarked on an European tour.

How to find love in Paris when you're a fifty year old parisian woman (and other crucial questions) 
by Pascal Morin, 
published in 2013 (Le Rouergue/Actes Sud)

Catherine Tournant, a fifty years old divorcee is about to find a second chance in love. 
Natacha Jakowska, her student, leaves home and school 
after her mother died and she changed her look. 
The book intricates many characters' story who are linked 
by a plumber and by their love for Paris. 

There's no story here
by David Thomas, 
published in 2013, Stock

The book is a collection of short short stories which fit on a single page. 
The art of sudden fiction is precise and accurate.

We hope to see you on the 25th 
at 6 pm 
at The Cornelia Street Cafe, 
28 Cornelia Street, NY
West 4th on A/E/1/2/3 

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