Sunday, March 29, 2015

Our next French night will host a play by Philippe Malone,
a french writer and photographer 
who works a lot in urban and peri-urban neighborhood.

He has written 15 plays, 
some of which were preformed on stage and on radio. 
The titles reveal his concern 
about the issues our consumers society brings up. 
- Septembres - Krach
Lost in a supermarket - Bien lotis

Bien lotis, 2013,  the play we are going to read on stage, 
is a "peri-urban epic", a "social comedy" 
which is based on the interview of a couple
 who lived in a project and then moved to their own private house, 
as their financial and social situation improved. 
"Bien lotis", which is almost impossible to translate, 
means that
they had a good house and
that they were successful 
and got their part of the cake.

The play has 40 short scenes  which "attempt to highlight the great peri-urban epic through a blend of quizzes, commentaries and flashbacks briskly conducted by a journalist."

 Emmanuelle Ertel's Translation workshop students 
will translate part of the play for the evening.

Don't miss it

Please come and join us for a new french night
on Wednesday April 22
at 6 pm
at the Cornelia Street Cafe
28 Cornelia Street, NY 
Subway- W 4th
on 1,  2, 3, A, C, E

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